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Beating the Stress

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on December 3, 2008

datalockerMore so often, we think that there’s more stress in the modern time as compared to the stress ages ago. We always forget the truth that these people

in the old days also encounter different circumstances and struggles. A prominent stress researcher, Dr. Hans Selye said that it’s not that people suffer more stress today; it’s just that they think they do.

Experts have pronounced that experiencing stress is normal. When we stumble upon bad situations or experienced something unpleasant, we tend to be under stress. Nobody is excused from stress, men and women are subject to stress.

“I define stress as the non-specific response of the body to any demand,” stressed out by Dr. Selye. There’s stress in all the demands that we do, for example t

he work load in the office, various problems in the family, and economic concerns in the society can actually cause stress.

We have to be aware of the indicators to a person having stress, they are as follow; increased pulse rate and the tendency to sweat, becoming more irritable, insomnia, and not capable of concentrating.

“Stress can actually sho

rten one’s life. The scars left by the stress of life undergo the aging state. These stresses are not only the lines in your skin; they can be chemical or mental, and do irreparable damage.” – Dr. Selye.

An expression Dr. Selye really likes to use as a way to combat stress is “do your own things”. As individuals we must know what make us happy and content, we must be doing things which are of our interest. If there’s something which we desire to reach, then we must follow and do that desire. If we have a healthy and joyful living, then we can for sure cope with stress.


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