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More Energy for the Workaholic People

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on December 3, 2008

happyperson1For many people who are spending too much time working for money need to have a sustaining energy in order to keep the balance and fitness all the time. To keep oneself up to work for extra hours here are a list of things to consider. Five instant uppers are recommended.

1. Skip the venti latte

When we feel so sleepy during working hours we get to be tempted to drink a lot of coffee at a time thinking that we will avoid from falling asleep. Research says that it gives more lasting energy if one sips a little of coffee at a time throughout the day. Harvard study found that small, frequent doses of caffeine helped people stay awake for 28 hours. By doing so, we do not need some sports acrobatics to keep us awake in the office or wherever we are. Sipping a little of coffee will be such a help for us.

2. Sniff something lemony

A recent study discovered that whiffs of lemon made women feel peppier. “The scent increases production of norepinephrine, a hormone associated with energy,” says lead study author Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, Ph.D. Availability of lemon is not a problem, thus anyone can bring one to keep oneself alive and up all throughout the work. Practicing aerobic fitness pilates is surely beneficial, but at times when we run out time doing such an activity, sniffing something lemony would be just great to stay energetic all the way through.

3. Eat some good carbs

The fiber present in whole grains like brown eyes and whole-wheat bread gives a long lasting source of energy for your brain and muscles, says metabolism researcher William Evans, Ph.D. Carbohydrates like sweets will give you quick rush but leave you tired later. So apart from the used home gym, eating some good cards would benefit to maintain a well-conditioned brain and muscles.

4. Spend five minutes with some funny online videos

Working for like 7 hours in a computer would sometimes get anybody easily tired and sleepy. It might not be a productive thing to be laughing at something we watched online, but it will surely wake us up. Research unfolds that a hearty chuckle revs up the respiratory system, oxygenating the body and making us feel awake. Five minutes would be great, and then get back to work.

5. Get moving

This is done by doing some exercises for the body. Regular exercise will absolutely improve sleep, so when you’re already in bed, you will sleep more soundly and get up more rested.


2 Responses to “More Energy for the Workaholic People”

  1. That is a great post. I have been up since 9 yesterday morning, have a deadline at 6pm, feeling wrecked now.

  2. […] bookmarks tagged sports acrobatics More Energy for the Workaholic People saved by 2 others     stephenwinxfan bookmarked on 12/22/08 | […]

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