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Reasons Why Gaining Weight is Easier than Losing

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on December 4, 2008

cheeseburgereatinggirl1Have you ever encountered an experience wherein after a week of vacation you gained 4 pounds over the period of your stay spent out of town? Times like this, what we all normally do is just chill around, breathe some fresh, cool air in the seashore or in the mountain, and the most usual thing we do which is the eating of delicious food as much as we can to enjoy the vacation rather than doing some aerobic fitness pilates. It couldn’t be true to all, but for many, eating would be the best activity that everyone does when spending breaks from school, work, or whatsoever routine things we do.

Science tells us why gaining weight is simpler than losing weight. The following are facts which help us understand this truth.

Fact 1:

Simple equation: Calories Eaten = Basal Metabolic Rate + Physical Activity

In the case of one spending his or her vacation, eating unhealthy food could be probable and the time to exercise like doing sports acrobatics. This results to the fast gaining of pounds to our body weight. The equation above tells us that we need to eat as many calories as we burn in one day. If what we eat is more than what our body uses, we will definitely gain weight.

Fact 2:

Pound is a pound

One pound of body mass equates to 3,500 calories. Thus, if we eat 3,500 calories more than our body requires, we will gain 1 pound. If we eat 3,500 calories less than what our body requires, we lose 1 pound.

Fact 3:

Exercising is weight discriminating

Our used home gym would be unnecessary in losing one’s weight. The more you gained weight, the more you burn, and as a result the easier it is to lose the pound.

Fact 4:

Aging contributes to Weight Gain

Our metabolism slows down as we get older. This tells us to need less food and calories. If old people do not change their caloric intake, it will for sure lead to the gaining of weight.


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