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Siemens has New AL21 Phone

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on December 7, 2008

datalockerSiemens AL21 now comes available throughout Europe and some other countries with its user -friendly features and access to different language version. Individuals would always long for a satisfying audio performance. With this new model of Siemens, it enables the removable of 600 mAH Li-ion battery which is rated for five hours talk or 220 hours standby, this sign s an excellent effect for battery’s theoretical capacity. The charge time is about 90 minutes. This audio feature ensures a crystal clear audio and quality sound effects.

It is designed to be petite measuring 45 x 86 x 19 mm, and weighs 78 g. The design shows a 65, 000 color display and a far step above the dim 4096-color versions on even the most recent Siemens models. It is also featuring a display resolution of 130 x 130 pixel ideal for small phones. The device has its spacious volume rocker which can be located on the left side of the unit. The camera button is situated on the right side of it. Individuals can find the LEDs which notify users of current text messages active network and missed calls.

The device itself is too wide, thus, it’s not a good thing to just hold in one’s hand. It has a plastic keypad having good placed keys. It is so easy to dial since because it has a convenient center keys. Aside from all of these things, there is also a five-way joystick centered below the display.

The unit features a support for Tri-band 900/1800/1900 MHz, as well as GPRS, SMS, and a variety of applications including Java MIDP 1.0, 32-channels polyphony, all of which laptop and handheld users will be pleased to utilize either by means of GPRS technical support. This is theorized in order to have the fasted process of down loading files with everyone’s mobile phones and spacious phone book. Apart from these features, it is also built-in with a 0.3 megapixel camera which supports for picture-taking and when it comes to storage the AL21 gives 1 MB which is dynamically shared between images and J2ME applications.

Its design is very unlikely among the other mobiles phones since it is compact, which has a reduced sized battery. This helps protect the battery from whatever negative it results. Its thinness and lightness is very user friendly to every cell phone user.

Take note of the fact that it is the first phone having its segment to sport the up-to-the-minute slider function. The unit has a programmable keypad sounds which enables users to personalize AL21 according to the desired settings. It is an excellent communication gadget more especially to those having a busy social life. Moreover, it has an outstanding slider mechanism and integrated voice, messaging and organizing functions.

Its display type is TFT, 65K colors, with a size of 130 x 130 pixels. This unit has what every user desires to have for a cell phone. Siemens constant upgrade and innovations of their unit makes them productive as manifested by the unit Siemens AL21.


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