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De La Hoya Concedes Over Pacquaio

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on December 8, 2008

pacquaio-vs-de-la-hoyaCoach Freddie Roach was right when he said that the Golden Boy can’t pull the trigger anymore. On December 6, the Filipino boxing champion has once again proven to the world that he is the best in the Dream Match against the legendary Oscar De La Hoya.

In the first and second round of the match, it was obviously evident that De La Hoya was hurt really bad by the strong and hard punches thrown by the Filipino boxer. Manny was just really well prepared to finish De La Hoya in his boxing career. The thrill was intensifying the rounds of their match go forward. De La Hoya was already losing strength in the second, third round, onwards, until he finally gave-up ending the fight at the end of the eight round. Oscar knew that he is going to lose the match, he was hurt, his left eye was swelling, his eyes turned reddish, and he was just really beaten-up by Pacquiao. Manny was all his energy and stamina all through-out the game.

The judgment day is over, Manny reigned to be the champion and De La Hoya submits himself to the best pound for pound boxer. Ricky Hatton witnessed closely the match. What do you think he is thinking of after De La Hoya quits the fight? He was probably challenged even more by Pacquiao for sure. It will be an interesting game to watch Hatton and Pacquiao face in the boxing ring.


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