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Computer Vision Syndrome

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on December 10, 2008

cvsMany of us want our paper works done without a pain on our back. In doing so, we need the magic of computer technology. In our high  technology generation nowadays, we definitely know that computers make large percentage of contribution to make our paper works done on the dot. Not only for the lives of most employees and businessmen does computer revolves, but also with young adults, teenagers and students who devotes their leisure time on playing computer games. Well, computer magic doesn’t only bring us pleasure but also rivalry with our health.

Experts found out a syndrome when excessively use of computers. It is when CVS or Computer Vision Syndrome arises. This syndrome is merely a group of eye and vision related problems. As expected, the longer you stay using the computer the more you will experience eyes discomfort. There are common symptoms associated with CVS likely are: eye strain, head aches, blurred vision, dry eyes, neck and shoulder pain, burning eyes, grainy feeling, photophobia and muscle spasms.

These few symptoms may be caused by: poor lightning, glare on the computer screen, improper viewing distances, poor seating posture and uncorrected vision problems. Despite with this, there are few simple ways to prevent CVS; Use proper lighting, adjust the screen display of your monitor such as the brightness and contrast of it. Another is to blink more often, this is because most people who use computers blink less frequently with this it will cause the eyes to dry up. Try closing your eyes every 20 minutes this would be a great help to your eyes. And the most common prevention of CVS is to consider wearing an eyewear because this will give a great comfort of your beloved eyes.

These visual symptoms experienced by users are merely temporary and will decline after stopping computer works. However, a number of users may experience continuous eyes discomfort even away from the monitor. If you detected any symptoms of CVS or the like, please do address it to your licensed optometrist.


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