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Olympus c7000

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on December 11, 2008

olympus-c7000-review-1Olympus’ latest c7000 comes out with an excellent packaged of full set of manual controls bringing along a 5x optical zoom with an excellent macro capabilities; very solid battery life; a decent photo quality, and a versatile movie mode.

The camera’s size is 4.0-by-2.0-by-1.7-inch, with a titanium aluminum body that weighs a solid nine ounces with its xD-Picture Card and battery loaded and encourages one-handed shooting. You will see on the right of the optical viewfinder, a trio of buttons each handles multiple functions. A user can select an autoexposure or autofocus modes and deletes photos during review. It can activate the self-timer and remote control options or tags a picture for printing. Another good thing about the camera is when the third cycles between flash functions and protects as well as a displayed image from accidental deletion.

Apart from a button that functions to flip the flash unit up, the only control is a four-way cursor pad with an embedded Menu button. It permits individuals to customize the top-level menus that appear when this button is depressed. It allows displaying the mode and set-up menu and the monitor on/off controls by default, and the other menu positions can be defined with any of 23 functions which compromise macro, burst/time lapse, ISO, scene, flash adjustments, noise reduction, digital zoom, autofocus, panorama, white balance, sharpness, contrast, or saturation.

C7000 gives a total command of most functions including the basics like the shutter and aperture –priority modes. Every user will have the choice to pick apertures from f/2.8 to f/8 in 1/3-stop increments and shutter speeds from 1/2,000 second to 15 seconds. It has the cursor keys which enable to retain control over the autofocus area. With this camera, it allows one to choose from spot or center-weighted metering or eight-point multi-area autoexposure. Additionally, individuals can select from settings between ISO 80 to ISO 400. The camera’s scene mode provides only the basics which include sport, portrait, night scene, landscape, and landscape portrait.

The gadget’s zoom size is 38mm-to-190mm which is equivalent to 35 mm. It functions to focus as close as two feet in manual mode, four inches in macro mode, and less than one inch in Super Macro mode. With the help of the magnified area it enables one to aim more accurately to the subject. C700 supports JPEG, TIFF, and raw file formats. The raw data of a photo can be edited in the camera, adjusting the parameters like the white balance, sharpness, or images tones, then save a copy of the file in JPEG format. Anyone can also change the resolution of an image, apply a red-eye fix, or crop photos in the camera.


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