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Olympus SP310

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on December 12, 2008

datalockerOlympus has maintained its quality service in terms of the gadgets that they produce more especially when it comes to cameras. They have just designed the latest SP-310 which comes out to produce a good compact camera. It allows having high-quality images in terms of colors, sharpness, and noise. What sets this camera apart from the other cameras is that it has a complete set of manual controls and advanced features which include the RAW mode.

Everybody can get to be attracted with a camera that is built-in with 7.1 million pixels along with an accurate auto focus and precision 3X zoom lens (38-114mm on a 35mm camera). What more to it is that it offers 24 scene modes and P/A/S/M exposure modes to make sure that there is an all-around creativity.  Additionally, anyone who uses SP-310 can do movie recording in VGA quality at 30fps with sound is very possible. With its ergonomic ultra compact SP310, it features a histogram function that makes the exposure distribution comes out in both shooting and playback modes directly on the extra large 6.4cm LCD.

The gadget is very handy because it has a large handgrip which allows a convenient fit in your hands and the different controls laid-out on the body of the camera fall naturally under your finger tips. It has several shooting features, smart online help, supports raw format, and it is capable of running on AA-size batteries.

In general, SP-310 brings out a mixed performance, it is better in good light than dim. If you would observe its running time when it comes to power on to power shot, it is about 2.1 seconds, having 2 seconds between subsequent shots. Through this feature, it allows enabling the flash bumps that up to a still-respectable 3 seconds. Obviously, the shutter lag is a bit higher than competing models making it possible to have a passable 0.6 second under high-contrast conditions. The camera is capable of shooting spontaneously at 1.8fps at highest image quality and 5fps at the lowest quality.

SP-310 actually supports uncompressed raw files, the unprocessed data directly off camera’s sensor for the best, which are mostly controlled by photo quality. The camera also provides a full auto, center-frame, and user-selectable area plus a manual focus mode with a useful magnifying reticule to assist in aiming through the LCD screen. Its mode uses a higher ISO sensitivity setting in order to use a faster shutter speed.


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