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Siemens C66

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on December 12, 2008

siemens-c66Siemens is now out with its basic handsets and with small, attractive designs. It comes along packaged with a camera, speaker phone, and support for AOL instant messaging. The device’ design is very unique as it is always patterned in the company’s usual small form factor – 4.1 by 1.8 by 0.7 inches and 3 ounces – with a decent face, having silver casing and blue keypad. What’s interesting thing about it is that is has a washed-out effect and was kind of hard to see when the backlighting was off or in direct light. Every user can actually change the backlighting time and the font size.

Physically, the raised keypad is considerably small, but you will obviously spot the separation between buttons, the keys have a solid, tactile feel to them. Like any other cell phones, Siemens C66 also has a five-way joystick which allows the access of one-touch to the phone book, the application folder, the text message editor, instant messaging, and the Web browser. More to it is the added feature regarding the two soft keys, Talk and End Buttons, and a dedicated camera control. You will notice that there is no dedicated back key, since the End button does that function. Obviously, the two sides of the phone are button-free, which entitles individuals to utilize the joystick to adjust the volume during a call. Situated on the left spine of the unit is the infrared port, and the camera lens is on the rear.

With regard to the number of contact that an individual can store to one’s cell phone, the unit is capable of holding 1000 contacts, with an extra of 250 more names on the SIM card. Amazingly, the unit can store information including street, email addresses, as well as IM screen names and pictures. In addition to that is that you can assign contacts to a group or pair them with any of 17 polyphonic ring tones. The gadget also features a vibrate mode, text and multi-media messaging, a calendar, a task list, a notepad, a voice recorder, an alarm clock, a calculator, a stop watch, and a countdown timer. The speakerphone has an excellent quality sound effect and the unit can actually synchronize the address book with Microsoft Outlook with a UBS cable and a free download from the site of the unit Siemens C66.

Anyone desires of a quality camera effect and Siemens C66 definitely gives you what you wished for a type of camera. The unit’s integrated camera is sub- VGA quality (352×288 pixels, or 0.1 megapixel, in premium mode) with this set-up, the resulting images of your picture will exactly more than what you expect. There is also a 3X zoom and a self-timer, but other options were limited to adjusting the brightness and white balance. Packaged in the phone as well is a photo editing application, which permits anybody to crop, flip, and resize your shots. It also presents a 10MB of onboard storage, providing spaces for more than 150 images. Unlike any other phones, it has no blue tooth, but the unit has an infrared port for wirelessly exchanging information, like transferring photos from the phone to a laptop.


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