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Sony Ericsson C905

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on December 14, 2008

se_c9051Sony Ericsson has maintained its quality products over the years and has again developed the latest Sony Ericsson C905, a 3G camera phone which comes with a high quality imaging and communication features. It is actually a member of the Sony Ericsson C range which comprises other camera focused handsets such as the Sony Ericson C702i and the Sony Ericsson C902i. This new gadget is a slide opening handset complete with a large colour screen; functioning as a perfect viewfinder upon using the camera feature and the user can slide open the handset to reveal the neat keypad which is well spaced out  for easy text and numeric enter.

The handset weighs 136 grams and measures 1.8cm deep by 4.9cm wide by 10.4cm tall. Featured upon this gadget is the colored screen which is a TFT QVGA type screen having 2.4 inches in size and takes up the front of this handset when in its slide closed position. Any Ericsson consumer can actually access the navigation key and short cut keys when the hand set is in its slide closed position. Any consumers will have the chance to choose three casing color options which comprise a sleek midnight black colored casing, a subtle ice silver colored casing or a sophisticated copper gold colored casing. The device comes with 160 megabytes of internal memory plus it also comes with a memory card slot for further memory expansion in the form of a Micro M2 type memory card. Individuals can add the relevant sized memory card to suit the storage needs.

The major feature on the Gadget is its excellent 8.1 megapixel camera feature, yes 8.1, that is not a typing error. The camera is complete with a zenon flash used to brighten up the dark surrounding. The consumer can utilize the 16 x digital zoom to get up close to the subject. It is as well complete with a face detection feature that will automatically aim on the subject’s face when a shot is to be taken. The camera also comes with an anti red eye feature and has a built-in image stabilizer which avoids the user producing a wobby image. The phone user can use the BestPic function when taking a photo which permits the user to take up to nine shots when only pressing the capture key once then the user can choose the best picture out of the nine to keep or to add to their blog sites.


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