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Samsung D980

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on December 15, 2008


Samsung D980 makes it unique in a way that It allows users to use two SIM cards at the same time. These excellent features are very useful to the business and personal use because you can be able to contact the persons you need to contact from the two SIM cards you have.

The phone has some great characteristics which include a 5 mega pixel camera, with a flash and an auto focus as well as the video recording capabilities. Aside from that, Samsung D980 also has some Internet facilities and very capable of coping with emails and instant messaging. The device is also equipped with the Bluetooth and a media player which actually allows individuals to listen and watch videos.

The gadget also features a document viewer which is one reason why it is very useful to the business world. As well as with the mail clients where you can send and receive messages with attachments making it very handy doing the work even if you are not around in the office. It has an excellent memory set-up at 45 MB of internal memory which is expandable to 2GB with the use of Micro SD cards.

It is really amazing because it has a considerable Internet speed which serves all for their Internet purposes. Good thing about the phone is that you don’t have to buy for a handset just to deal with business and personal affairs. It is purposely designed to have a large of 2.6 inch display which is touch screen and allows for simple use. Samsung D980 has a stylus for the touch screen. The device is not that smaller at 7.5mm by 55mm by 16.3mm and only weighs 117 grams, its size makes the phone lighter and not that heavy to use.

Normally, a lot of people would prefer bringing with them two mobile phones in order to accommodate business contacts and some personal matters. With this new available phone in the market, everyone can actually just buy a dual SIM for a more convenient use.

Nowadays in the business we always compete with how we do our tasks in a very quick manner, accomplishing every goal set to meet the demands of the work load. A big role of phones is to cater a fast communication capability so that important things will be done always on time. Since we deal with people every day of our lives and we get to be far apart for some reasons we badly need a phone to do and transact some business.


One Response to “Samsung D980”

  1. Annette said

    want to know the prize of the phone ?
    how much to ship to st lucia ?
    i realy love this phone very much.

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