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Samsung U700

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on December 17, 2008

samsung_u700_u600The next cell phone comes with a brilliant QVGA display, HSDPA, 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, memory card and many other functions.

The major features of Samsung U700 are the following: sleek looks and high quality body construction, touch-sensitive keys beneath the display, up to 3.6 Mbits/sec download speed over UMTS + HSDPA, scroll navigation, camera with 3.2 megapixel resolution and autofocus, QVGA display, microSD memory cards, seamless synchronization with Outlook Express, and a good software for the PC.

Samsung U700 is complete with 3G capabilities. The phone is actually designed to have a slide opening measuring only 12.1 mm in depth which if you will notice is ultra slim for a phone with the same features with the Samsung U700. The phone’s hand set has an expandable memory option allowing the uses to expand their built in 20 Mbytes of memory further by adding a microSD TransFlash memory card. It has a large 2.2 inch screen which is capable of being viewed when the hand set is in its closed or opened position. The function of the colored screen is to provide a 262,000 colors on a screen with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. When the phone is closed, the screen allows the user to view all their information and menus.

The phone has a built-in camera having a 3 megapixel digital camera with some useful camera features. Anyone who owns Samsung U700 will have a clear capture and a colorful photo or video recording using the 3 megapixel camera. With the camera features, it allows you to edit and chance camera or video setting to suit their desired effect or results. It also has an integrated media player which allows the user to enjoy an easy to use music and video experience with quality sounds and supports formats which comprise MP3, MPEG4, AAC, WMA, WMDRM, H263 & Real formats.

The device is designed to have embedded games and individuals can add to their games by downloading more games on to the mobile phone. Samsung U700 can play ringtones in polyphonic sound with 64 voices of MP3 ringtones.

The video feature allows you to view the person you are talking to on other side of the line. The phone is equipped with HSDPA, allowing the user to enjoy download speeds of up to 3.6Mbps when in a suitable HSDPA coverage area. The 3G feature actually gives the user with a fast and efficient multi-tasking mobile phone.


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