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The Top Dirtiest Food People Eat

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on December 20, 2008

cWhile we buy a lot of foods for Christmas season, we should be aware enough of the one’s that we buy making sure they are nutritious and free from harmful things to the body. Things that we missed to be doing with the food that we eat should be changed. In here, the top dirtiest foods shall be revealed.

First on the list are the eggs, according to the study conducted by the experts, they had estimated that more than 2 million germy eggs get into circulation each year, sickening 660,000 people each year and killing as many as 300. A wise advice when people buy eggs is that individuals should make sure make sure the carton says they’re pasteurized and never buy a dozen that contains any obvious cracks or leaks.

Peaches are really good but one should take note that peach skins are doused in pesticides before they make it to grocery store to prevent blemishes. On average, a peach can contain as many as nine different pesticides, according to the USDA.

Pre-packaged salad mixes are commonly bought by some of the consumers. Pathogens may still be lurking so be sure to wash your greens before tossing in your salad bowl. Do not think the sellers had already washed them. You should wash them yourself to make sure.

Melons are what most of us would like to have on the table after meals. DFA found-out that 3.5 percent of the melons carried Salmonella and Shigella, the latter bacteria normally passed person-to-person. These are germs which are really not good for the health. Recommendation before eating the said fruit is to scrub them with a little mild dish soap and warm water before slicing.

Scallions are likable but it commonly has bugs like the parasite Cryptosporidium, Shigella and Salmonella, scallions present a food safety problem because of the way they grow and lack of proper washing. Again washing it properly at home is the safest way to avoid getting illnesses which could only bring problems to the family’s health.


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