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Risk of Smoking to Women’s Heart

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on December 25, 2008

teenage_smokerBack in the old days, only men were seen smoking anywhere they want to. But nowadays, women are also smoking for whatever reasons. However, researchers have stressed the adverse consequences of smoking to the human heart. Recently, it was studied that smoking is riskier to women’s heart than to men’s.

Norwegian physicians report their study to the European Society of Cardiology that women who smoke have heart attacks closely 14 years earlier than women who don’t smoke. As for men, those who smoke have heart attacks six years earlier than men who don’t smoke.

“This is not a minor difference,” Dr. Silvia Prior assertedi, a cardiologist at the Scientific Institute in Pavia, Italy. “Women need to realize they are losing much more than men when they smoke,” she said. Female sports would be more advantageous than puffing up cigars which can only give harm to the body.

Another Physician Dr. Morten Grundtvig and colleagues from the Innlandet Hospital Trust in Lillehammer, Norway, based their discovery on data from 1,784 patients admitted at a hospital in their place.

It was found out that as early as 64 men had their first heart attack while those who don’t smoke will have their first attack at age 72. For women who smoke, first attack happens to those aging 66 and for those who don’t will have it at age 81.One way to avoid this is to apply the aerobic fitness pilates kind of activity in order to divert the women from smoking.

With this study, it was concluded that the difference for women was about 14 years and for men, the difference is six years.

Medical Doctors suspected that female hormones protect women against heart disease. Estrogen raises the levels of good cholesterol as well as enabling blood vessel walls to relax easily. For those who already got addicted to smoking may do the habit of doing sports acrobatics.

Grundtvig warned the women who smoke that they might go through menopausal stage earlier, leaving them less protected against heart attack.


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  1. Women who smoke have more risk of developing cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke. Pregnant women who smoke can harm their body and their babies in several ways. In women, smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases because it affects the hormones causing estrogen deficiency.

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