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Rules for an Energetic Morning

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on December 26, 2008

1204903122_morning-exercises-1It is physically true that some people find it hard to wake-up so early in the morning. This holds true especially to the night people. The medical term used for those who are having problem in waking-up is dysania. “The waking process is complex”, says Milton DeLucchi. What is important is that we must know how to discipline ourselves to certain areas for our body. The following suggests the rules for waking-up alert:

1). Just get enough sleep.

We all know that sleeping is very important to make ourselves refreshed from our day to day activities. Experts have studied that those who sleep more than ten hours end-up becoming irritable and fuzzy-minded. Getting too much sleep is as bad as getting only a few hours of sleep. Sleeping for 8 hours long would be the ideal thing.

2). Respect your rhythms.

Our body is composed of the so-called chemical seas of hormones and other fluids which are interrelated and they act as one. When we get to change our sleeping habits, some of our so-called bodily “tides” may not go in harmony with one another. Thus, resulting to having a problem. We have to always remind ourselves that if we have the opportunity to sleep we must take it. We got to have enough sleep and we must respect our body rhythms.

3). Wiggle yourself Awake.

One way t make ourselves awake in the morning is to bend our fingers, then after doing so, wiggling our toes. These simple body activities are helpful to make ourselves up in the morning. We’re actually not done yet, next thing is let’s take one deep breath and hold it while you count to seven, then swing one arm across your chest, then the other. Bend each leg and gently twist your neck back and forth. These are simple but effective ways to fight drowsiness

4). Keep the familiar fresh.

When you’re already awake, begin to organize your days activities like what to have for breakfast, what unusual things that could be done for the day. This will help become alert through out the day.

5). Expect to like it.

We must welcome each morning with a smile on our face to attract the positive things for the day. What should be set in our mind is that we will be doing something enjoyable and exciting for the rest of the day and the coming days.

These tips for an alert and healthy morning will definitely make each day of our life just right.


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