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Losing Down to 430 Pounds

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on January 3, 2009

lose weightYou might not believe this but it certainly true that a guy named Ernesto Suncar used to weigh more than 600 pounds and now he weighs down to 430,unbelievable, isn’t it? Weighing 640 pounds, wearing 10X shirts and with a 70-inch waist, the 33-year-old guy from New York was told by doctors he would likely be dead within 12 months. He pondered carefully on the statement of the physician regarding his condition; he made it a point to lose weight than suffering to what could possibly happen to him.

“I want people to feel inspired when they look at me,” says the Hell’s Kitchen resident, who’s down to 210 pounds. “Hopefully, if they have a weight issue, they will finally do something about it, starting right now.”Losing this weight saved my life. Without the operation, I doubt I would be here to celebrate New Year’s, he added.

Gaining a lot of weight actually cannot make one live longer. Diseases will come-in when a person is overweight, the turning point will be when a chronic breathing difficulties and the immense strain on one’s heart that could threaten to kill just anybody.

This story server as a reminder that we should limit our eating appetite and stay physical fit to avoid such illness. For those who are overweight it is a message for you that there is always hope to burn the fats and lose down to a weight that is just right enough for you.


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