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Facts on Heart Disease

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on January 8, 2009

heartstructurePhysicians in on time have pointed out some factors that can put individuals at risk for heart disease. The following consist of family history, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol level, cigarette smoking, diabetes mellitus, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, advancing age and being male.

What people with high blood pressure can do is to make some changes on diet and lifestyle, or using medication to lower it. In addition to that, individuals should make a detailed exercise plan, focusing on aerobic activities that increase lung capacity and the heart’s ability to work at higher levels.

People who are aware of this danger have checkups and take medication before high blood pressure damages their heart and blood vessels. Those who have high levels of cholesterol in the blood should have regular checkups and make sure to take proper medication before it damages one’s heart and blood vessels.

The best way to make each member of the family become aware of the threat is to educate the children at home regarding the harm that a heart disease could be brought to them. More importantly, parents must have the basic knowledge on how to prevent such an illness from getting into them.


One Response to “Facts on Heart Disease”

  1. YOUSAF said

    Dear Sir,

    I am heart patient. Dr said my vanes are not supply in blood. he says you r bypas


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