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Flying Car

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on January 14, 2009

pal-v_flying_car2Have you ever thought that apart from airplanes flying up in the sky cars can also fly? Well, inventors nowadays uncover their great potentials of making cars travel not only by land but also in the air. It all started with just a paramotor used by Gilo Cardozo to fly on air with a giant industrial fan strapped to his back. Upon thinking of this event that Cardozo had, he actually thought of using a car this time instead of a paramotor and eventually makes it flying up in the sky.

At present time flying a car is very possible following the following steps and procedures. The one who is driving the car should unpack the parafoil wing from the boot and manually deploy it from the rear of the car. The driver then switches the transmission from road mode, which drives the wheels, to flight mode, which powers the rear fan.

The fan’s thrust pushes the car forward, providing lift for the wing as the car reaches 35mph – takeoff speed. Once airborne, pedals in the footwell steer the Skycar by pulling cables that change the wing’s shape.

The Skycar has the ability to fly up to about 180 miles. If just in case the wing gets damaged or if it collapses, the pilot can fire a roof-mounted emergency parachute that allows the car to float safely back to earth.


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  1. This is very interesting, and i would like to have more information about this flying car on my e-mail address. How much it can cost and how it could be acquired. Are they in service, what are the precautions, advantages and disadvanteges, capcity etc.

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