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Flight 1549 Crashes Down

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on January 16, 2009

APTOPIX Plane in RiverTragedy seems to be really everywhere as another plane crashes down in New York which fortunately left the passengers safe and alive. The pilot chose to land the plane in the Hudson River. It was a real serious panic among the passengers of Flight 1549. The pilot had to bring the plane down in order to redeem themselves from some technical problems of the plane, there was a loud noise while the plane was up in the air and the smoke started to spread through the interior of the plane.

Everybody on the plane gave thought it’s going to be their last day of life as they all expected a big explosion which can make their bodies burn into pieces. But the plane pilot was phenomenal; he was able to avoid death by possibly bringing the plane to a big blast. He was great in the sense that the plane went down to the waters of the river securely.

The water went inside the plain but a group of men had them in control saving their lives from near death. Every passenger felt relieve as they all got out of the water. The plane engine exploded and a flame from the left wing of the Plane.

Emergency medical service quickly responded for the said incident and gave every the necessary aid making them all safe physically.

The crash was truly shocking and traumatizing. It left some fears among the passengers but most of all gratitude to God for the chance to live longer.


One Response to “Flight 1549 Crashes Down”

  1. coffee said

    I’m glad no one was hurt in the crash, sounds like the pilot did a great job

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