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John Muir Preserves America’s Wilderness

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on January 17, 2009

dona2John Muir a Scottish-born American naturalist is remembered for his outstanding contribution in the aspect of preserving the wilderness of America. He wrote several essays, and books giving accounts on his adventures in nature and wildlife. His works are well-read by the people as all of them provide education regarding the environment, until now his writings are being read and used as a reference.

He had founded a club called Sierra Club, which was formed and act as the United State’s important conservation organizations. He is very influential to the creation of the modern environmental movement.

Muir was the role player in the preservation of Yosemite area and the Sierra as pristine lands. He spearheaded the move to push a bill which makes Sierra a national park in order for it to be cared of and preserved. The congress then approved the bill as recommended by Muir, he was chosen as the first president of the Sierra Club.

He was very against to making nature a commercialized place. He would obstruct anyone who tries to destroy nature by putting up businesses which could kill the environment.

He saves the nature and the government is giving him lots of credits and honors regarding his work. After him named some honors including the John Muir Wilderness, Muir Woods National Monument, John Muir High School, John Muir College, John Muir Country Park and others.


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