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Asus P320

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on January 18, 2009

asus-p320-mini-pda-phoneIf you have been hunting for a Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone with everything thrown in, here is Asus P320 giving you a total impression on the kind of gadget you have been waiting for.

Physically, this new phone has been designed to be small and perfectly formed. Not even 10cm tall, the Asus P320 is thin and only weighs just over 100g. When personally hold it, it feels just like any ordinary phone in the hand, not really looking different from the other large display touch phones. You will at the front it the Windows Mobile Home and OK keys, along with the Call, End and two soft menu buttons being played down. That, along with the black and silver fascia design makes this a neat-looking smartphone.

Interestingly, P320 has software called Today Screen add-ins which can actually give just any user some weather update and it has a scroller showing recently received emails, SMS messages, RSS feeds and upcoming calendar appointments. Part of it is a big clock complete with an alarm function.

What’s unique about Asus P320 is that it has a different applications designed for a much easier use among the consumers. Through this gadget, icons such as time, calendar, messages, weather and the media player can be seen easily in the same window; it actually allows the phone users to have a super easy access to their needed functions.

If you will observe it keenly, you will notice that Asus P320 shows an ultra compact form that makes it feel almost weightless in a ladys palm. Descriptively, this brand new model of phone is slim and slender nd is molded with round curves that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Asus P320 is made to fit just right to each user’s hand the smooth mold of the P320 is carved out of gentle care and sophistication. Aside from this, it also visually has Rounded corners, sloping edges and a circular navigational key are all built around the desire to please the eyes. More surprisingly it has some impressive features which include the Operating on Microsoft Windows® Mobile 6.1™ Professional platform and packed full with features such as GPS navigation; EDGE/GPRS and WiFi for Internet access from anywhere; Bluetooth, USB and much more.

The device actually has built-in GPS module which allows a very timely, faster satellite pinpoint and download for users and their location. Even when you are in an open country, the GPS network will still be able to locate you as users, and the navigation software will guide the user to the destination very conveniently.


3 Responses to “Asus P320”

  1. allan said

    cool looks good and simple

  2. rajat said

    hi .. i just bought a p320..but i have still not been able to use the gps function.i tried downloading gps software from the net but could not install it..any advice….?????

  3. c-rage said

    hey can we listen internet radio on this phone??can any1 name any website from where i can listen live internet radio on it??please do reply

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