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Alcatel E221

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on January 19, 2009

1196172915With an amazing clamshell design, the E221 is sure to stand out. It is physically unique because it has a smooth polished surface and plenty of simple straightforward features the E221 is the only device you need to carry around.

The device is made with a perfect proposition as it has a small and lightweight clamshell. For business people and those who need a calculator, Alcatel E221 helps you with any complicated mathematical problem. What is superb about this gadget is that it has a very good interior display with 65K colors TFT screen offering the perfect platform for operation of the E221. This phone gives anyone with a clear and concise objects and text.

The key features of Alcatel E221 are; the calculator performing the basic operations; dual band, which has the capacity of working of the 900 and 1800 frequencies your handset now has the capabilities of calling from Europe, Africa Asia and Australia; pre-installed games, this is the amusing part of the phone where you can play games during your free time; TFT display, it has the best resolution of all flat panel LCD technology ensures that what your viewing is of the finest quality available.

It has the capacity to do conference calling where you can talk with up to 4 people at the same time, without the need for anything than the handset in your pocket. This is definitely of use whether the purpose is business or pleasure. Apart from the conference calling function, it is also equipped with polyphonic ringtones which can play several voices or instruments simultaneously, for a  richer ringtone.

But of course the text messaging function of the phone lets individuals to send messages from your phone with text, icons and sounds to other phones. It has an amazing vibrating alert which is discreetly made perfect, excellent for meetings and public outings.


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