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Threat on Septicemia

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on January 24, 2009

datalockerTechnically, Septicemia is the clinical name for blood poisoning. According to findings, it progresses to septic shock has a death rate as high as 50 percent, depending on the type of organism involved. Moreover, Septicemia is a medical emergency and requires urgent medical treatment.

Many have wondered how septicemia relates to meningitis. To clarify this question Physicians say that when meningococcus invades the body, it enters from the throat, gets into the bloodstream, and travels through the blood to the meninges. In some situations, the bacteria multiply uncontrollably in the bloodstream, which leads in septicemia, before the bacteria can infect the meninges. In other cases, infection in the bloodstream and in the meninges develops at the same time, and these patients develop both septicemia and meningitis. In a minority of cases, the body can stop the bacteria multiplying in the bloodstream, but not in the meninges, and these patients develop meningitis.

ymptoms for disease are; lose interest in food and surroundings, become feverish, feel cold, with cool hands and feet, experience a coma and, sometimes, death, and become lethargic, anxious, or agitated. Individuals may experience symptoms differently though.

If symptoms exist better consult your Doctor for immediate medication. Physicians would base how to treat such ailment depending on the following:

1. Age, overall health, and medical history.

2. Tolerance for specific medications, procedures, or therapies.

3. Expectations for the course of the condition.

4. Opinion or preference.


One Response to “Threat on Septicemia”

  1. Bonnie Schumann said

    My daughter cut her thumb with a car key, she went to a dr. yesterday all she said is it was infected did not open it up and swab to see what kind of infection, after all certain antibiotic treats certain bacteria, staff infection or Septicemia this morning she called me and said there is a red streak from the tip to bottom of her thumb. She called me 1-hour ago and said that she has been having a metallic taste in the back of her throat and her neck is stiffing up is this a symptom of Septicemia. She is in Dallas working right now as a dental assistant. Please Help ASAP Thanks bonnie

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