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Mariana Bridi Dies

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on January 27, 2009

Brazil Model DiesA gorgeous and promising model from Brazil named Mariana Bridi used to explore the world of modeling career and was actually soaring to success in her chosen path when sadly she contracted an ordinary urinary tract infection.

The virus spread so fast and inexorably through her entire body, proving to be extremely drug resistant. The doctors had no other option than to amputate her hands and feet. But unfortunately, she gave her life, was pronounced dead on Saturday.

“God is comforting our hearts because he wanted her to be with him now,” her father Agnaldo Costa told reporters outside the hospital where his daughter died. “I can’t accept that my daughter left us so soon.”

The disease happened to her so fast. In December she fell sick and doctors in her native state of Espirito Santo northeast of Rio de Janeiro initially diagnosed as having kidney stones. Then she went back to the hospital on Jan 3 with a very low blood pressure, that’s when the doctors decided to do the amputation and pump drugs into her.

According to research, the bacteria have the “worrisome characteristic” of “low antibiotic susceptibility.”It also easily mutates to develop resistance to new drugs.

A short statement from the Espirito Santo State Health Secretariat announced her death on Saturday (Jan 24)”despite all the commitment of the hospital team.”

I think it was about time for her to say good bye to her earthly life because it could be too painful for her if she had lived longer with her health condition. She is in good hands now, wherever she is, I am sure she is happy.


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