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Signing Day for Football

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on February 5, 2009

dona1Football game has always been awaited by the Americans to open. People who are fanatic to this kind of games are anxious to find-out who plays for a particular team. It has always been an exciting event for the fans to go wild in the field grabbing the ball and making a score.

Teams like Florida State, Michigan and Southern Cal are usually known to be in the mix for the hot news around Signing Day and even though those teams were part of some big headlines, a few others got involved with some big news of their own.

Most figured it would be an in-state battle for the No. 1 all-purpose back in the country, five-star C.J. Spiller. That was definitely not the case when Spiller made a surprise pick and announced he was heading to Clemson. Four teams remained for Rivals100 defensive end Deantwan Whitehead with Alabama, Auburn, Louisville and Tennessee all being legitimate contenders.

However, when the four-star rated prospect made his announcement for the Cardinals, numerous people around the country were definitely not expecting the pick. Alabama and Auburn seemed like the teams to beat, even though Whitehead had kept things relatively quiet in the days before the big decision.

Good luck to the new sets of teams and may the players do their best to fight at their best in honor of the school that they are playing for.


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  1. nice post. keep it up.

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