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Octuplets’ Finances May Depend on Government Fund

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on February 13, 2009

dona5A single and an employed mom of her 14 children could be depending financial assistances from the taxpayers of California. The situation maybe done by compounding the public furor in a state already billions of dollars in the red.

For the past years Nadya Suleman had been raising her six other children with the help of $490 a month in food stamps, plus Social Security disability payments for three of the youngsters. The public aid will almost certainly be increased with the new additions to her family.

“It appears that, in the case of the Suleman family, raising 14 children takes not simply a village but the combined resources of the county, state and federal governments,” Los Angeles Times columnist Tim Rutten wrote in Wednesday’s paper. He called Suleman’s story “grotesque.”

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is struggling to close a $42 billion budget gap by cutting services, declined through a spokesman to comment on the taxpayer costs associated with the octuplets’ delivery and care.

Some of the disability money was spent on in vitro fertilizations, which was used for all 14 of her children, Suleman said. She said she also worked double shifts at the mental hospital and saved up for the treatments. She estimated that all her treatments cost $100,000.

This situation is rare, for the women around the globe please be reminded that it is not that easy to wish for lots of babies by drinking something to push through it. Think wisely to avoid into getting some financial trouble.


4 Responses to “Octuplets’ Finances May Depend on Government Fund”

  1. Dotty said

    Oh my God i just did a little math and got sick. i live in New york and feel bad for the honest tax payers in CA that have to support this wacko. Do you realize that food stamps gives her 490 per month for 6 kids and don’t forget to add her in so thats 7. Ok divide 490 by 7 and that equals 70 per month per person. Now multiply that by 14 plus her so 15. Thats $1050.00 per month in free food. Not to mention al of the disability money she gets.I think the state should take them and give them to people that can care for them and not be a state burden. She obviously is in no mental state to care for them

  2. Amy said

    She should be taken off the state aid its called aid for a reason, to help people get back on their feet. Not to mooch off of then shes has the nerve to have even more kids by invetro give me a break. What they need to do is take her kids away from her force her to get FIXED then make her pay all that money back.

  3. Melinda Caldwell said

    I think it is about time that Welfare stops allowing people like her to take advantage of the Public Aid. I have been a single mother of three , worked two jobs, supported my kids on my own.
    It isn’t fair for all of us hard workers to pay for this Ignorant Lady. and it isn’t fair that the taxpayers have to pay her Hospital Bill.
    I also agree that her kids need to be taken away from her she is sick and she needs mental help. I feel sorry for the kids.
    I also feel sorry for honest loving couples who can;t have childred and can’t afford to have help having them out

  4. lpbrn said

    She is mentaly ill. She needs to have court ordered psych care. She needs a court order to get employment within 3 months time. The children need to be taken from her and given a chance at having a life.
    She has done nothing but leech off others…she’s driven her parents to Bankruptcy and dumped them there….she’s used disability payments to not take care of her children, but, to get more children…..she has taxpayers feed her and her children…she plans to live off studennt loans until they run out (and suspect they won’t be getting repaid)….she is a leech.
    People need to stop with the handouts to this woman. It just encourages her. I did it, got away with it, so, I’ll do it again…..a cycle……I mean, how many more children do you want this freak to have? None? Then stop encouraging her. Stop putting her on the news, stop putting her on TV and Dr. Phil (can’t believe he did that)…..she is encouraged by every bit of it….she is mentally ill, so, you have to be the resopnsible one.
    She has tricked, deceived, used people all along the way. Put up the STOP signs and NO TRESPASSING signs to her and maybe she will get the message.
    She has done a grotesque thing. Take the children and give them a chance at life away from this creature.
    I am so tired of working to pay for people like this……please, don’t put this freak on TV any more, on on the news…I am sick of her.

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