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Valentine’s Day

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on February 13, 2009

100-9041Valentine’s Day is a popular festival held on February 14 by countless of lovers around the globe. The festival gives love-struck a special time to express heartfelt feelings for their beloved coupled with nice cards, fresh flowers or some gifts. While most people attach romantic meaning to the festival, Valentine’s Day is not only celebrated by lovers. Individuals greet Valentine’s Day to their mothers, teachers, friends, pets or anyone else close to their hearts.

As mentioned above, Valentine’s Day should not only be confined purposely for lovers alone, it should be some kind of a general issue where the sharing of pure love must be well-manifested.

I have known such a generous girlfriend in my life when one time while walking down the street we came across an old man begging for money for his meal. I am naturally not that thoughtful enough of their welfare because of the principle I believed that everybody has the capacity to survive by looking for a much better way to stay out of money. But when an old man asked for money, she unselfishly took her wallet, drew some coins and gave them to the old man.

It was indeed a different experience for me. It helped me realized that there are people around who are helpless that need some kind of attention to assist them for their survival. This kind of act is a great example of giving more value to the spirit of Valentine’s Day.


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