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Digipro 8 x 6 USB Graphics Tablet with Cordless Pen

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on February 20, 2009

dona10Advancement in the world of technology has continuously soaring up by developing a modern serial bus called the Digipro 8 x 6 usb graphics tablet with cordless pen. Physically, it appears to be like a nice little offering for just anybody. If you have no idea what WP8060 “digipro 8 x 6 usb graphics tablet with cordless pen” might be let’s start with decyphering the jargon.

Digipro WP8060 is its brand name. It has a very reasonable mid-level producer based on how it is known to be. Its size is 8×6 inches. Well, it is indeed a reasonable size for most desks or even connected to your laptop. USB connection which is standard these days and you probably have several spare cables lying around already.

Additionally, graphics tablet like a laptop touch pad; but does a lot more. Before, they used to be large drawing board sized things that only autocad operators used and priced accordingly, that is really very costly.

Now with Mac bringing out much better use of the touch pad in the new MacBook Air and other ranges others are running to catch up. Cordless pen -nice the last thing you want is dealing with a cord attaching the pen to the tablet – though it does stop you loosing it! The pen can be used for everything from signing your name and annotating word documents to using it with drawing and photo programs such as Photoshop and Adobe software. A nice little product and a reasonable price too.


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