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Samsung F480

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on February 22, 2009

datalockerSamsung F480 defines what it is to be like a pleasurable and beautiful color touch screen mobile device. The touch screen pattern of Samsung Tocco allows a high color display with its 240 pixel by 320 pixel screen resolution a 2.8 inch screen.

The device weighs 91 grams making it a lightweight 3G fashion phone. Its full dimensions are 11.8mm deep, 55mm wide by 95.9mm in length. A considerably slim-sized casing completes its sleek look. It has a five megapixel camera which makes it a highly functional camera phone. It is very interesting because it brightens up the images or pictures when you are doing shots during the night. You don’t have to worry about vivid images because there is a built-in camera stabilizer whose function is to produce clear shots.

What sets the gadget apart from the rest is that it supports MPEG4 format video as well as H264 & H263 video format. If there is a built-in camera stabilizer in it, there is also a built-in video stabilizer which makes it easy for the user to record video footage smoothly without all those small hand movements affecting the finished video recording. Additionally, it has video editing features which make it possible for the user to enhance their finished video recording.

Owners of the Samsung phone will have an enjoyable time listening to the music through its built-in music player, radio feature or simply through their favorite ringing tones. Users will also love the fact that its music player supports MP3 format, AAC & AAC+ music formats. Any user will have full control with regard to the music.

Apart from the features already mentioned, Samsung F480 also has the capability to download or transfer their favorite music onto their phone with the use of the connectivity options available and through its Internet access capabilities. The F480 supports both MP3 ringing tones & polyphonic ringtones which allow the user to enjoy a unique ringing tone experience. Accessible from the main menu is an FM radio complete with RDS features. Those who already have this device can also download games to fill in their gaming needs.

There is a memory card slot in the Samsung F480 which permits the user to add a MicroSD card and add more to its memory capacity. The unit works on a GSM network covering GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900 which switches automatically between the three network bands.

With the Samsung F480, you will have the best mobile phone deals you can ever ask for. It is designed to make a user’s dreams come true.


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