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Asus EeePC 900 Netbook

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on March 28, 2009

datalockerThe Eee PC is a highly functional, versatile and user-friendly computer that everyone will have no problem with in using. Indeed, with fast boot-up time, it can be switched on and operated like any electrical appliance. The Eee PC is the new development of what computing was always meant to be universally accessible in its simplicity, empowering in its functionality.

The Eee PC achieves this through a special combination of features that ASUS has put together in this new platform that, in moving on to the information revolution, has the capacity to shift the lives of many.

The Eee PC is a fully-functional productivity tool; its processing capability also makes it eminently fitted for computing uses. Additionally, not only is the Eee PC equipped with full wireless connectivity, it also features integrated webcam and microphone so that activities like video conferencing is truly wireless and fuss-free.

For those who haven’t heard of the Eee PC yet, let me try to give you a picture of it. The Eee PC is a very small machine that measures 225 x 165 x 35mm (WxDxH) and weighing around 1kg. that puts it well and truly into the ultra-portable sector, being lighter than even a Sony TZ31MN, and smaller too. This is a machine built to be used on the move, without the need to make much space for it in your bag. The Eee PC comes in two colours, pearlescent white, like the one I’m reviewing here and black – yes, that does sound very similar to Apple’s MacBook range, but that’s most definitely where the similarities end.


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White House Easter Egg Roll 2009

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on March 27, 2009

There is a nationwide tradition which has been called the White House Easter Egg Roll. It is held an annually as a family event to hunt for and race Easter Eggs on the White House Lawn while enjoying storytelling and a visit with the Easter Bunny.

The holiday tradition has a long history dating back to 1878 when President Rutherford B. Hayes officially opened the White House grounds to local children for egg rolling on Easter Monday. Successive Presidents have continued the tradition of inviting children to the White House Lawn for egg rolling and other activities and entertainment.

This year’s White House Easter Egg Roll theme, ‘Let’s go play’, encourages America’s youth to lead healthy and active lives. The White House will open the South Lawn to children age ten and under, along with their families, to enjoy sports, cooking classes, live musical performances, storytelling and the traditional Easter egg roll.

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The Brazilian Wandering Spider

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on March 19, 2009

The Brazilian Wandering Spider also called Phoneutria fera is a very active and high poisonous spider. The name was named after Brazil because it was first discovered in Brazil. However, this genus is known to exist elsewhere in South and Central America.

This spider is a member of the Ctenidae family of wandering spiders. The Brazilian Wandering spider appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records 2007 for being the most venomous animal.

In this particular genus, there are five known similar species whose members are also highly venomous. They include some of the relatively few species of spiders that present a threat to human beings.

The Brazilian wandering spider can grow to have a leg span of up to 4 – 5 inches. They are large hairy spindly-looking spiders who have eight eyes, two of which are large. Brazilian wandering spiders are fast-moving spiders, their legs are strong and spiny and they have distinctive red jaws which they display when angered.

The Brazilian wandering spider is not a Tarantula. Brazilian wandering spiders are not even in the same family group. Tarantulas are harmless to humans and are mostly ambush killers who wait for prey to come to them. Brazilian wandering spiders are active hunters. Brazilian wandering spiders and Tarantulas do have one thing in common; however, they do not eat bananas.

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Hotmail Server Too Busy

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on March 13, 2009

datalockerMany users of Microsoft’s web-based email service Hotmail have expressed disappointments recently over a significant service. A visit to displays only a “Server is too busy” message.

Microsoft partner Matthew Arkin posted the following status update which relate to the outage: “Hotmail and Live Mail outage. Issue will be resolved soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

We’re not sure of the exact affiliation Arkin has with the company and whether or not microsoft_cares is acting in an official capacity similar to comcastcares, but either way one thing is clear: the easiest way to spot the outage was via Twitter search.

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Tina, Behind the Bruises of Rihanna

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on March 11, 2009

The intensely provoking text message to Chris came from a woman known to be Tina Davis who is his manager. It was actually a three-page text message on Brown’s mobile phone from Tina that made Rihanna obtain some bruises and ended up being battered. Speculations say that Brown and Davis had the relationship when Brown was only 16. Take note Davis will turn 40 next month, imagine the age gap, so ridiculous, isn’t it? The text message reportedly talked about hooking up later with Chris Brown. Rihanna found out and like what any other girlfriend would do she slap brown and hit him. With Rihanna’s action, Brown got furiously mad at her to the point that he was hurting her physically. We could make a reflection from this scenario that we can never tell how wonderful the relationship is even when you see both partners being so sweet to each other. I think that a true love is measured when you have changed your natural attitude into something that suits with one another’s attitude.

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Smart Update Pinger” plugin no longer works and they should switch to MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on March 10, 2009

We have to be careful nowadays as to what ping services our blogs should be using in order to obtain for the blog to be quickly indexed by search engines and of course would lead to a high traffic from various sources. Well, these are primarily the reasons why individuals create a blog to get some traffic and eventually be successfully optimized.

While ping services are useful in the process of optimizing a blog, bloggers must know that other plugins are outdated already and the worst thing that it could do to your blog is harmed it by a possible banning of your blog. Some of the plugins that don’t work anymore are the Smart Update Pinger, Ping Fix, and WP Cron Future Ping.

A free hosting site like can be a risk more especially when running its current form. WordPress actually pings whenever you make a single post. Thus, when you update your blog a lot then your blog will be banned from ping services because of excessive pinging.

At present, individuals should not worry at all because the solution to this problem has already been developed. Even the latest version of WordPress pinging can be corrected. This new plugin is called the MaxblogPress Ping Optimizer Plugin. With this new tool when a blogger makes a new post, your blog will ping and inform the ping services that it has been edited.

This makes it possible for the search engines and various blog directories and services to index your updated blog properly. Another advatange of this new plugin is that when you update a post, it won’t send unnecessary ping to ping services, by so doing it will prevent your blog from getting banned. One more thing about MaxblogPress Ping Optimizer Plugin is that when you put a future post by editing the time stamp, it will ping only when your post appears in the coming days. Unlike the other plugins it won’t unnecessarily ping several times when you schedule posts as WordPress does by default.

With this new developed tool, excessive pinging will be stopped and therefore makes your blog up and running all the time.

Everybody should know that smart update pinger is already obsolete and doesn’t work anymore at present. The developer of this plug-in no longer maintains it, thus, it isn’t efficient anymore and needs to be dislodged to work with the latest version of free hosting sites like It’s about time to utilize MaxBlogpress Ping Optimizer for it has been upgraded even for the latest version of

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USNS Impeccable

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on March 10, 2009

Historically, on March 8, 2009, the ship was declared to be “harassed” 75 miles south of Hainan, China, while doing some surveys in international waters off the South China Sea. The unarmed Impeccable was shadowed by five Chinese ships, including a Bureau of Maritime Fisheries Patrol Vessel, a State Oceanographic Administration patrol vessel, a Chinese Navy intelligence collection ship, and two small Chinese flagged trawlers, which aggressively managed dangerously close to the ship, with two nearing in to 50 feet, waving Chinese flags, and ordering the Impeccable from the area.

What the civilian crew did way spray water at one of the nearest Chinese ships, but unfortunately, the Chinese sailors, despite the force of the water, stripped down to their underwear, and the vessel closed to within 25 feet of the American ocean surveillance ship. Not very long after the incident, the Impeccable radioed the Chinese crews, informing them of their intentions to leave the area, and requesting a safe pass to travel. When trying to leave the area, however, two of the Chinese ships stopped directly in front of the fleeing ship, forcing them to do an emergency stop to avoid a collision.

This incident was the latest in a string of conflicts involving the Impeccable and Chinese vessels. On Thursday, March 5, 2009, a Chinese frigate approached Impeccable and crossed its bow at a range of approximately 100 yards. This was followed less than two hours later by a Chinese Y-12 aircraft conducting 11 fly-bys of Impeccable at an altitude of 600 feet and a range from 100-300 feet. The frigate then crossed Impeccable’s bow again, this time at a range of approximately 400-500 yards without rendering courtesy or notice of her intentions.

On Saturday, March 7, a Chinese intelligence collection ship challenged Impeccable over bridge-to-bridge radio, calling her operations illegal and directing Impeccable to leave the area or “suffer the consequences.”

The United States has lodged formal protests. Under international law, the U.S. military can conduct activities “in waters beyond the territorial sea of another state without prior notification or consent” including in an exclusive economic zone of another country, said a Pentagon spokesman. “The unprofessional maneuvers by Chinese vessels violated the requirement under international law to operate with due regard for the rights and safety of other lawful users of the ocean.

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Why Hair Turns Gray

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on March 2, 2009

Scientists in our time may have studied out the reason why hair turns gray, and their finding may open the door to new anti-graying strategies.

A recent research elaborates that hair turns gray as a result of a chemical chain reaction that causes hair to bleach itself from the inside out.

The reaction process starts when there is a dip in levels of an enzyme called catalase. That catalase shortfall means that the hydrogen peroxide that naturally occurs in hair can’t be broken down. So hydrogen peroxide builds up in the hair, and because other enzymes that would repair hydrogen peroxide’s damage are also in short supply, the hair goes gray.

Putting the brakes on that chemical chain reaction “could have great implications in the hair graying scenario in humans,” write the researchers, who included Karin Schallreuter, a professor clinical and experimental dermatology at England’s University of Bradford.

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