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Michael Douglas Facelift

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on April 3, 2009

Michael Douglas has been rumored to have undergone surgical operation for a face-lift – after photographs showed scarring around his ears.

The 60-year-old actor was pictured leaving a restaurant with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones and tell-tale signs of surgery seemed obvious. The ‘Fatal Attraction’ star had a plaster close to his left ear and a weeping wound by his right one. An individual had noticed at a Barbados restaurant said: “Michael looked like he had cuts around his ears.

“He didn’t have the scars on Monday (28.03.05) but the next day they were clearly visible. He looked very strange.” It is not the first time the Oscar-winning actor has been at the centre of a plastic surgery riddle.

He was alleged to have had his skin around his eyes tightened before he married Catherine – 25 years his junior – in 2000. ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ star Catherine, who has two children with Michael, is also alleged to have had work done to her eyes in 2001, but reportedly hid the scars behind dark sunglasses.

Michael’s spokesperson Allen Burry denied the star had a facelift, but said he had some non-cancerous lesions removed.


2 Responses to “Michael Douglas Facelift”

  1. Healthy men and women who are seeking an improvement in sagging skin of the face and neck may be good candidates for a facelift. The best results tend to be achieved in patients with a strong or prominent underlying bony structure.

  2. I think these gentlemen should think twice before having blepharoplasties.I can remember how disappointed I was when Jack Lemmon did it. He didn’t look like himself anymore. He’d had sorta loose lids for decades, and was quite attractive. Not everyone looks good tucked up like that.

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