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Kris Allen Wins

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on May 21, 2009

The Clean-cut country boy Kris Allen kicks off Adam Lambert on the stage by winning their competition.

It might be the most surprising upset in the show’s history since the judges – including tough guy Simon Cowell who often favored Lambert’s style of music.

Even though the showy Lambert appeared to be the favorite, it was never foreseen he would win the final vote, which host Ryan Seacrest revealed to be “just under 100 million” – beating last year’s tally of 97.5 million.

The expulsion of Danny Gokey two weeks ago may have given Allen, 23, a boost since both are more conventional and down-to-earth than Lambert, 27.And simple geography may have been on Allen’s side.

Certain personal background has helped Kris put some number of votes for him.Five past Idol winners have been from southern states, and he hails from Conway, Ark., about as deep in the South as you can get.


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American Idol Winner 2009

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on May 20, 2009

donaMonths after the auditions and tight competition, the American Idol search down to the final two, Adam and Kris. The search is now open to the final performance show with clips of the two singers, finishing with each saying he’s the next Idol. Ryan tells everybody that it’s the battle between the acoustic rocker and the glam rocker, Kanye and California, the guy next door and guyliner. Randy’s decked out in a gray suit and checked shirt. Why so fancy, Randy? Adam and Kris are both wearing leather jackets. Everyone’s using hand-held microphones, for some reason. It’s strange.

Ryan tells us that Kris won last week’s coin toss and will be performing second. Each guy will sing three songs – a favorite from the season, a choice by show co-creator Simon Fuller, and a song co-written by Kara. Tomorrow will be full of filler performances and celebrity appearances and probably movie promotions, and the show is set to run about seven minutes long, which means it’ll actually run 14 minutes long.

Adam’s dad tells us that he didn’t sleep through the night until he was 18 months old, and he screamed every night. Adam confesses that he was noisy in restaurants. His dad thinks his voice came from his loud volume. Adam says he’s about the same now as he was then.

For his favorite performance, Adam has wisely chosen “Mad World” from the-year-you-were-born week. This time he does a slow descent on the staircase, wearing a long black coat. It’s very Twilight. Or how I imagine Twilight to be. I don’t see the need to critique a performance we’ve already seen, since this is pretty much the same as the original. Not like I’ve done a lot of critiquing of Adam this whole season.

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Rihanna Photos Leaked

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on May 9, 2009

rihaThe racy nude pictures allegedly showing the pop star Rihanna have been leaked on the Internet now.

There are six photos being showed up on various showbiz websites showing a woman who bares a striking resemblance to the ‘Umbrella’ singer. Only two of the photos display her partially concealed face. The others depict a naked woman’s backside, but her face is obscured.

A lot of websites are suggesting that the pictures may have been obviously leaked by her former boyfriend, R and B star Chris Brown.

Well, in one of the photos, Brown is pictured wearing a pair of pink ladies underpants on his head.Another photo depicts a woman who bares a strong similarity to Rihanna in a mirror reflection which has a message “I love you Robin. I miss you” scrawled across it. Robin is Rihanna’s actual first name.

The photos continue a controversial few months for the former couple after Brown was alleged to have assaulted the singer, resulting in felony charges that are still pending. We don’t have proof yet as to whether or not it is Rihanna on the picture. It could be that those photos are merely to malign the reputation the singer for whatever reasons. We can’t say that it’s Rihanna until she admits it herself.

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