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Why Hair Turns Gray

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on March 2, 2009

Scientists in our time may have studied out the reason why hair turns gray, and their finding may open the door to new anti-graying strategies.

A recent research elaborates that hair turns gray as a result of a chemical chain reaction that causes hair to bleach itself from the inside out.

The reaction process starts when there is a dip in levels of an enzyme called catalase. That catalase shortfall means that the hydrogen peroxide that naturally occurs in hair can’t be broken down. So hydrogen peroxide builds up in the hair, and because other enzymes that would repair hydrogen peroxide’s damage are also in short supply, the hair goes gray.

Putting the brakes on that chemical chain reaction “could have great implications in the hair graying scenario in humans,” write the researchers, who included Karin Schallreuter, a professor clinical and experimental dermatology at England’s University of Bradford.


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Mother of Octuplets Has 14 Children in Total

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on January 31, 2009

dona17The mother of the eight newly-born babies didn’t not expect she would deliver such a number of babies after taking a fertility treatment.

Angela Suleman, the mother of the one who gave birth said that it’s going to be a big challenge for her daughter raising her 14 children. She actually has 6 other children before the octuplets came making it to 14 all in all. “I looked at those babies. They are so tiny and so beautiful,” Suleman told The Los Angeles Times on Thursday.

Suleman’s daughter gave birth to the octuplets Monday at a hospital in Bellflower but has requested that doctors keep her name confidential. Media knew little about the woman until a family acquaintance told CBS’ “The Early Show” on Thursday that the mother is “fairly young” and lives with her parents and her six children.

Right after the delivery, the media have been tailing the family trying to get some interesting story for the people. But the family would not allow them to get hold of the details. They would not even let them know where the octuplets would stay after in the hospital.

Suleman said her daughter had embryos implanted last year, and after finding out she was pregnant with multiple babies was given the option by doctors of selectively reducing the number of embryos. The woman declined.

All babies continued to receive an intravenous nutritional combination. They were expected to remain in the hospital for several more weeks.

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Anti Gravity Yoga

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on January 29, 2009

dona14You might not have heard this before but surely there is such a thing called Anti Gravity Yoga. This idea was conceptualized by Christopher Harrison, the Founder and Artistic Director of AntiGravity Inc. He has an outstanding background in gymnastics and historically he was the first person in the U.S. to perform a full twisting back flip from a standing position.

Mr. Harrison created the Antigravity Boots which started the idea of the antigravity yoga with the use f a hammock. AntiGravity Yoga is Christopher’s way to inspire others with his passion for expression through physicality.

What is antigravity yoga all about anyway? According to the creator it uses a hammock that acts as a soft trapeze, supporting you as you master simple suspension techniques leading to advanced inverted poses. Antigravity yoga is itself unique. It is very effective in relieving compressed joints and aligning the body from head to toe.

AntiGravity Yoga is a fitness regime made to boost-up one’s general health and physical agility while having fun and creating beauty. AntiGravity is an acrobatic performance company whose daily workout utilizes the AntiGravity Hammock.

AntiGravity is an acrobatic performance troupe founded in NYC in 1990 by Christopher Harrison. While on the other hand, AntiGravity Hammock is a structural fabric that is connected from two overhead points. It acts like a swing or soft trapeze.

This different kind of performing yoga is enjoyable and really efficient if you want to get the stress out of your body and mind.

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Getting Rid of Sleeping Disorders

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on January 26, 2009

datalockerSome personal habit should be practiced in order to avoid getting an insomnia disorder.

Fix a bedtime and an awakening time

You should a specific time allot for bed time and awakening time. Make your time for the both fixed in order to achieve good sleeping habits.

Avoid napping during the day

You definitely can’t sleep at night when you tend to nap during the day. Most of us feel sleepy especially in the afternoon, for this; you should only give 30-45 minutes of sleep.

Avoid alcohol 4-6 hours before bedtime

Technically, alcohol has actually an immediate sleep-inducing effect. Just a few hours after as the alcohol levels in your blood start to fall, there is a stimulant or wake-up effect.

Avoid caffeine 4-6 hours before bedtime

This means that we should avoid caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea and many sodas, as well as chocolate, so be careful.

Avoid heavy, spicy, or sugary foods 4-6 hours before bedtime

These can affect your ability to stay asleep.

Exercise regularly, but not right before bed

It is advisable that the time to exercise should be in the afternoon. Doing some physical exercise 2 hours before bedtime would cause anybody to not fall asleep right away.

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Threat on Septicemia

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on January 24, 2009

datalockerTechnically, Septicemia is the clinical name for blood poisoning. According to findings, it progresses to septic shock has a death rate as high as 50 percent, depending on the type of organism involved. Moreover, Septicemia is a medical emergency and requires urgent medical treatment.

Many have wondered how septicemia relates to meningitis. To clarify this question Physicians say that when meningococcus invades the body, it enters from the throat, gets into the bloodstream, and travels through the blood to the meninges. In some situations, the bacteria multiply uncontrollably in the bloodstream, which leads in septicemia, before the bacteria can infect the meninges. In other cases, infection in the bloodstream and in the meninges develops at the same time, and these patients develop both septicemia and meningitis. In a minority of cases, the body can stop the bacteria multiplying in the bloodstream, but not in the meninges, and these patients develop meningitis.

ymptoms for disease are; lose interest in food and surroundings, become feverish, feel cold, with cool hands and feet, experience a coma and, sometimes, death, and become lethargic, anxious, or agitated. Individuals may experience symptoms differently though.

If symptoms exist better consult your Doctor for immediate medication. Physicians would base how to treat such ailment depending on the following:

1. Age, overall health, and medical history.

2. Tolerance for specific medications, procedures, or therapies.

3. Expectations for the course of the condition.

4. Opinion or preference.

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Foods for Weight Loss

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on January 22, 2009

datalockerYou don’t have to eat less or go on a diet just to burn some fats from your body and eventually lose weight. There are particular foods you can eat which will help you meet your desired goal. Speaking of which we are talking about power foods that are naturally filling, nutrient packed and, yes proven to help get the pounds out of your body.

The following are the seven best foods for weight loss:


Women on a diet that included red meat lost more weight than those eating equal calories but little beef, according to a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The protein present in it helps you keep your muscle mass during weight loss, and muscle incinerates more calories than fat, so you will shed more stubborn pudge.


A study from the Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge found that women on a low-calorie diet who ate an egg with toast and jelly each morning lost twice as many pounds as those who had a bagel breakfast with the same number of calories but no eggs. Turns out, egg protein is particularly satisfying, so you likely eat less during the course of the day.


These beans can help banish belly bloat and reduce your belt size. Chock full of protein and soluble fiber, lentils can stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent insulin spikes that cause your body to create excess fat, especially in the abdominal area.


Low in calories, this fruit gets high marks for taste and nutritional content, thanks to a healthy dose of folate, fiber and disease-deterring antioxidants.


Eating spicy numbers will spike your metabolism, courtesy of a compound in chiles called capsaicin, which helps the body burn extra calories for 20 minutes after you eat them. It can be painful though when you inhale a plate of chiles, you have to eat it slower, allowing your brain adequate time to register that it is full and prevent overeating.


It is pronounced as (KEEN-wah), eating quinoa offers a simple way to ward off the munchies. The grain is teeming with fiber (2.6 grams per 1/2 cup) and protein to keep you humming and hunger-free for hours.


Those who are in a Diet who ate low fat varieties of dairy did not experience the same benefit. Whole dairy may contain more conjugated linoleic acid, which could assist in the fat-burning department. And since Parmesan is so flavorful, you only need a few sprinkles to gain maximum flavor without compromising its pound-shedding power.

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Peanut Butter Outbreak

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on January 19, 2009

romeA very fatal truth covering the effect of salmonella which is present to King Nut Peanut butter has alarmed everybody of the harm it brings to millions who like it.

What is Salmonella? According to research, it is a genus of rod-shaped Gram-negative enterobacteria that causes typhoid fever, paratyphoid fever, and the food borne. Very dangerous, isn’t it? Due to the peanut butter recall, Kellogg has stopped from distributing Peanut Butter Crackers’ sales from its stores.

The Peanut Corporation of America has issued the latest peanut butter recall, which was announced of Jan 13, 2009. “Peanut Corporation of America (PCA), a peanut processing company and maker of peanut butter for bulk distribution to institutions, food service industries, and private label food companies, today announced a voluntary recall of peanut butter produced in its Blakely, Georgia processing facility because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.”

“We deeply regret that this has happened,” said Stewart Parnell, owner and president of PCA. “Out of an abundance of caution, we are voluntarily withdrawing this product and contacting our customers. We are taking these actions with the safety of our consumers as our first priority.”

According to the Minnesota Department of Health and Minnesota Department of Agriculture, the Minnesota laboratory analysis on the contamination in the already-opened container of peanut butter have the same genetic fingerprint as the cases in the national outbreak that has sickened almost 400 people in 42 states.

Consumers who happened to eat food contaminated with Salmonella can lead in abdominal cramping, diarrhea, and fever. Majority of the individuals infected with Salmonella develop the symptoms 12 to 72 hours after infection. The illness usually lasts 4 to 7 days, and most people recover without treatment. However, in some persons, the diarrhea may be so severe that the patient needs to be hospitalized. In rare circumstances, infection with Salmonella can result in the organism getting into the bloodstream and producing more severe illnesses.

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Thyroid Gland’s Job in the Body

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on January 16, 2009

thyroid_gland_diagWhile most of us wonder how human’s thyroid gland works I have came across some facts detailing on the major job of human glands to our body. The hormones secreted to this gland actually help regulate heart rate, maintain healthy skin, and play a crucial part in metabolism. We have to bear in mind that when the gland is sluggish, it can rob you of energy, dry out your skin, makes your joints ache, cause weight gain, and kick-start depression. When the gland is overworked, this eventually produces too much hormone and it can cause racing heart, sleep disturbances, and weight loss.

To resolve this concern, individuals should seek for some thyroid medication from the experts and be aware that the simple prescription of skin creams and antidepressants would not work. For everybody’s information, thyroid disease is inherited no wonder why a doctor would ask if anyone in your relatives have the disease.

There is a greater probability that older people will get the illness and the females are the ones commonly inflicted by the disease. Another thing that can make the odds worst is when individuals have the autoimmune disorder such as the type 1 diabetes or the rheumatoids arthritis. People have this illness should seriously discuss with the attending physician regarding the proper medical treatment of such a case and this should be done as soon as possible.

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Truths on the Common Eye Problems

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on January 10, 2009

p_irritatedeyesSome of us actually experience temporary eye problems which could include itching, blurriness or fatigue. Most of this conditions short-lived and probably go away on their own without any complications. Those eye problems that last for a couple of days must be diagnosed by an eye doctor.

The following is a list of common eye problems and their possible causes:

Eye twitching

This is harmless but really very annoying. Possible causes of this are; stress, caffeine, fatigue, pink eye, panic disorder, and tourette syndrome.

Itchy eyes

This is very uncomfortable especially when you are busy doing something. Possible causes of this are; pink eye, blepharitis, dry eye syndrome, and allergies.

Tired eyes

Tired eyes can result to the delay of performing some work load. Possible causes are; dry eye syndrome, computer vision syndrome, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Seeing floaters

This happens when you see some spots in your vision. If you see some faint strands floating around that seem to move away if you look at them that is seeing some floaters. Possible causes of this are; retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy, posterior vitreous detachment, and stroke.

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Facts on Heart Disease

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on January 8, 2009

heartstructurePhysicians in on time have pointed out some factors that can put individuals at risk for heart disease. The following consist of family history, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol level, cigarette smoking, diabetes mellitus, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, advancing age and being male.

What people with high blood pressure can do is to make some changes on diet and lifestyle, or using medication to lower it. In addition to that, individuals should make a detailed exercise plan, focusing on aerobic activities that increase lung capacity and the heart’s ability to work at higher levels.

People who are aware of this danger have checkups and take medication before high blood pressure damages their heart and blood vessels. Those who have high levels of cholesterol in the blood should have regular checkups and make sure to take proper medication before it damages one’s heart and blood vessels.

The best way to make each member of the family become aware of the threat is to educate the children at home regarding the harm that a heart disease could be brought to them. More importantly, parents must have the basic knowledge on how to prevent such an illness from getting into them.

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