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Asus EeePC 900 Netbook

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on March 28, 2009

datalockerThe Eee PC is a highly functional, versatile and user-friendly computer that everyone will have no problem with in using. Indeed, with fast boot-up time, it can be switched on and operated like any electrical appliance. The Eee PC is the new development of what computing was always meant to be universally accessible in its simplicity, empowering in its functionality.

The Eee PC achieves this through a special combination of features that ASUS has put together in this new platform that, in moving on to the information revolution, has the capacity to shift the lives of many.

The Eee PC is a fully-functional productivity tool; its processing capability also makes it eminently fitted for computing uses. Additionally, not only is the Eee PC equipped with full wireless connectivity, it also features integrated webcam and microphone so that activities like video conferencing is truly wireless and fuss-free.

For those who haven’t heard of the Eee PC yet, let me try to give you a picture of it. The Eee PC is a very small machine that measures 225 x 165 x 35mm (WxDxH) and weighing around 1kg. that puts it well and truly into the ultra-portable sector, being lighter than even a Sony TZ31MN, and smaller too. This is a machine built to be used on the move, without the need to make much space for it in your bag. The Eee PC comes in two colours, pearlescent white, like the one I’m reviewing here and black – yes, that does sound very similar to Apple’s MacBook range, but that’s most definitely where the similarities end.


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Hotmail Server Too Busy

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on March 13, 2009

datalockerMany users of Microsoft’s web-based email service Hotmail have expressed disappointments recently over a significant service. A visit to displays only a “Server is too busy” message.

Microsoft partner Matthew Arkin posted the following status update which relate to the outage: “Hotmail and Live Mail outage. Issue will be resolved soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

We’re not sure of the exact affiliation Arkin has with the company and whether or not microsoft_cares is acting in an official capacity similar to comcastcares, but either way one thing is clear: the easiest way to spot the outage was via Twitter search.

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Smart Update Pinger” plugin no longer works and they should switch to MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on March 10, 2009

We have to be careful nowadays as to what ping services our blogs should be using in order to obtain for the blog to be quickly indexed by search engines and of course would lead to a high traffic from various sources. Well, these are primarily the reasons why individuals create a blog to get some traffic and eventually be successfully optimized.

While ping services are useful in the process of optimizing a blog, bloggers must know that other plugins are outdated already and the worst thing that it could do to your blog is harmed it by a possible banning of your blog. Some of the plugins that don’t work anymore are the Smart Update Pinger, Ping Fix, and WP Cron Future Ping.

A free hosting site like can be a risk more especially when running its current form. WordPress actually pings whenever you make a single post. Thus, when you update your blog a lot then your blog will be banned from ping services because of excessive pinging.

At present, individuals should not worry at all because the solution to this problem has already been developed. Even the latest version of WordPress pinging can be corrected. This new plugin is called the MaxblogPress Ping Optimizer Plugin. With this new tool when a blogger makes a new post, your blog will ping and inform the ping services that it has been edited.

This makes it possible for the search engines and various blog directories and services to index your updated blog properly. Another advatange of this new plugin is that when you update a post, it won’t send unnecessary ping to ping services, by so doing it will prevent your blog from getting banned. One more thing about MaxblogPress Ping Optimizer Plugin is that when you put a future post by editing the time stamp, it will ping only when your post appears in the coming days. Unlike the other plugins it won’t unnecessarily ping several times when you schedule posts as WordPress does by default.

With this new developed tool, excessive pinging will be stopped and therefore makes your blog up and running all the time.

Everybody should know that smart update pinger is already obsolete and doesn’t work anymore at present. The developer of this plug-in no longer maintains it, thus, it isn’t efficient anymore and needs to be dislodged to work with the latest version of free hosting sites like It’s about time to utilize MaxBlogpress Ping Optimizer for it has been upgraded even for the latest version of

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Samsung F480

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on February 22, 2009

datalockerSamsung F480 defines what it is to be like a pleasurable and beautiful color touch screen mobile device. The touch screen pattern of Samsung Tocco allows a high color display with its 240 pixel by 320 pixel screen resolution a 2.8 inch screen.

The device weighs 91 grams making it a lightweight 3G fashion phone. Its full dimensions are 11.8mm deep, 55mm wide by 95.9mm in length. A considerably slim-sized casing completes its sleek look. It has a five megapixel camera which makes it a highly functional camera phone. It is very interesting because it brightens up the images or pictures when you are doing shots during the night. You don’t have to worry about vivid images because there is a built-in camera stabilizer whose function is to produce clear shots.

What sets the gadget apart from the rest is that it supports MPEG4 format video as well as H264 & H263 video format. If there is a built-in camera stabilizer in it, there is also a built-in video stabilizer which makes it easy for the user to record video footage smoothly without all those small hand movements affecting the finished video recording. Additionally, it has video editing features which make it possible for the user to enhance their finished video recording.

Owners of the Samsung phone will have an enjoyable time listening to the music through its built-in music player, radio feature or simply through their favorite ringing tones. Users will also love the fact that its music player supports MP3 format, AAC & AAC+ music formats. Any user will have full control with regard to the music.

Apart from the features already mentioned, Samsung F480 also has the capability to download or transfer their favorite music onto their phone with the use of the connectivity options available and through its Internet access capabilities. The F480 supports both MP3 ringing tones & polyphonic ringtones which allow the user to enjoy a unique ringing tone experience. Accessible from the main menu is an FM radio complete with RDS features. Those who already have this device can also download games to fill in their gaming needs.

There is a memory card slot in the Samsung F480 which permits the user to add a MicroSD card and add more to its memory capacity. The unit works on a GSM network covering GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900 which switches automatically between the three network bands.

With the Samsung F480, you will have the best mobile phone deals you can ever ask for. It is designed to make a user’s dreams come true.

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Digipro 8 x 6 USB Graphics Tablet with Cordless Pen

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on February 20, 2009

dona10Advancement in the world of technology has continuously soaring up by developing a modern serial bus called the Digipro 8 x 6 usb graphics tablet with cordless pen. Physically, it appears to be like a nice little offering for just anybody. If you have no idea what WP8060 “digipro 8 x 6 usb graphics tablet with cordless pen” might be let’s start with decyphering the jargon.

Digipro WP8060 is its brand name. It has a very reasonable mid-level producer based on how it is known to be. Its size is 8×6 inches. Well, it is indeed a reasonable size for most desks or even connected to your laptop. USB connection which is standard these days and you probably have several spare cables lying around already.

Additionally, graphics tablet like a laptop touch pad; but does a lot more. Before, they used to be large drawing board sized things that only autocad operators used and priced accordingly, that is really very costly.

Now with Mac bringing out much better use of the touch pad in the new MacBook Air and other ranges others are running to catch up. Cordless pen -nice the last thing you want is dealing with a cord attaching the pen to the tablet – though it does stop you loosing it! The pen can be used for everything from signing your name and annotating word documents to using it with drawing and photo programs such as Photoshop and Adobe software. A nice little product and a reasonable price too.

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Alcatel E221

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on January 19, 2009

1196172915With an amazing clamshell design, the E221 is sure to stand out. It is physically unique because it has a smooth polished surface and plenty of simple straightforward features the E221 is the only device you need to carry around.

The device is made with a perfect proposition as it has a small and lightweight clamshell. For business people and those who need a calculator, Alcatel E221 helps you with any complicated mathematical problem. What is superb about this gadget is that it has a very good interior display with 65K colors TFT screen offering the perfect platform for operation of the E221. This phone gives anyone with a clear and concise objects and text.

The key features of Alcatel E221 are; the calculator performing the basic operations; dual band, which has the capacity of working of the 900 and 1800 frequencies your handset now has the capabilities of calling from Europe, Africa Asia and Australia; pre-installed games, this is the amusing part of the phone where you can play games during your free time; TFT display, it has the best resolution of all flat panel LCD technology ensures that what your viewing is of the finest quality available.

It has the capacity to do conference calling where you can talk with up to 4 people at the same time, without the need for anything than the handset in your pocket. This is definitely of use whether the purpose is business or pleasure. Apart from the conference calling function, it is also equipped with polyphonic ringtones which can play several voices or instruments simultaneously, for a  richer ringtone.

But of course the text messaging function of the phone lets individuals to send messages from your phone with text, icons and sounds to other phones. It has an amazing vibrating alert which is discreetly made perfect, excellent for meetings and public outings.

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Asus P320

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on January 18, 2009

asus-p320-mini-pda-phoneIf you have been hunting for a Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone with everything thrown in, here is Asus P320 giving you a total impression on the kind of gadget you have been waiting for.

Physically, this new phone has been designed to be small and perfectly formed. Not even 10cm tall, the Asus P320 is thin and only weighs just over 100g. When personally hold it, it feels just like any ordinary phone in the hand, not really looking different from the other large display touch phones. You will at the front it the Windows Mobile Home and OK keys, along with the Call, End and two soft menu buttons being played down. That, along with the black and silver fascia design makes this a neat-looking smartphone.

Interestingly, P320 has software called Today Screen add-ins which can actually give just any user some weather update and it has a scroller showing recently received emails, SMS messages, RSS feeds and upcoming calendar appointments. Part of it is a big clock complete with an alarm function.

What’s unique about Asus P320 is that it has a different applications designed for a much easier use among the consumers. Through this gadget, icons such as time, calendar, messages, weather and the media player can be seen easily in the same window; it actually allows the phone users to have a super easy access to their needed functions.

If you will observe it keenly, you will notice that Asus P320 shows an ultra compact form that makes it feel almost weightless in a ladys palm. Descriptively, this brand new model of phone is slim and slender nd is molded with round curves that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Asus P320 is made to fit just right to each user’s hand the smooth mold of the P320 is carved out of gentle care and sophistication. Aside from this, it also visually has Rounded corners, sloping edges and a circular navigational key are all built around the desire to please the eyes. More surprisingly it has some impressive features which include the Operating on Microsoft Windows® Mobile 6.1™ Professional platform and packed full with features such as GPS navigation; EDGE/GPRS and WiFi for Internet access from anywhere; Bluetooth, USB and much more.

The device actually has built-in GPS module which allows a very timely, faster satellite pinpoint and download for users and their location. Even when you are in an open country, the GPS network will still be able to locate you as users, and the navigation software will guide the user to the destination very conveniently.

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Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on January 15, 2009

img_hero_contactQualcomm has a new technology that will definitely make everyone praise for it due to its very unique features, the device is called MediaFlo. It is truly a one of a kind gadget in the sense that it has the ability to broadcast data to portable devices such as cell phones and PDAs.

On my own perspective, I like the new device because it is way very entertaining. It allows users to view primetime TV shows, live sports, news, exclusives, kids’ programming and many more aside from the original content of the mobile phone. Anyone can just view anything 24/7 with just only a touch of a button and I can guarantee that the viewing can be done without any buffering or lag time.

Moreover, while exploring through MediaFlo’s features you will discover that you can as well broadcast data which include the multiple-real time audio and video streams, individual, non-real time video and audio clips and you can also broadcast the IP Datacast application data like the stock market quotes, sports scores, and weather reports.

Just out of curious I was wondering why call it MediaFlo, what is Flo by the way? According to my research, Flo stands for Forward Link Only, this would mean that the data path during the transmission is one-way, meaning that the data will travel directly from the tower to the device.

With this new product, people will get attracted and interested in buying because you don’t need a television anymore to watch your favorite sports or maybe view your favorite TV series. And apart from, it is very portable and handy, anywhere you go you may actually bring it with you while enjoying the unbelievable features being carried by a gadget that just fit right on your hand. This is the kind of product that you can trust and rely on because it has been proven to be efficient among the users of MediaFlo.

Networks that can be viewed through MediaFlo are CBS, CNBC, Comedy Central, ESPN, FOX, FOX News, MSNBC, MTV, NBC and Nickelodeon. Incredible, isn’t it? You can be updated with anything that is going on around the world by following the programs and news delivered upon by these giant Television Networks.

Personally, if I were to give an honest assessment regarding this new technology I would first say that it’s expensive. But for those who have more than enough money in their pockets it is a privilege to purchase one for personal use, more especially when you travel a lot and you don’t have any source of entertainment or information on the outside world than your portable MediaFlo.

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Flying Car

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on January 14, 2009

pal-v_flying_car2Have you ever thought that apart from airplanes flying up in the sky cars can also fly? Well, inventors nowadays uncover their great potentials of making cars travel not only by land but also in the air. It all started with just a paramotor used by Gilo Cardozo to fly on air with a giant industrial fan strapped to his back. Upon thinking of this event that Cardozo had, he actually thought of using a car this time instead of a paramotor and eventually makes it flying up in the sky.

At present time flying a car is very possible following the following steps and procedures. The one who is driving the car should unpack the parafoil wing from the boot and manually deploy it from the rear of the car. The driver then switches the transmission from road mode, which drives the wheels, to flight mode, which powers the rear fan.

The fan’s thrust pushes the car forward, providing lift for the wing as the car reaches 35mph – takeoff speed. Once airborne, pedals in the footwell steer the Skycar by pulling cables that change the wing’s shape.

The Skycar has the ability to fly up to about 180 miles. If just in case the wing gets damaged or if it collapses, the pilot can fire a roof-mounted emergency parachute that allows the car to float safely back to earth.

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Samsung U700

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on December 17, 2008

samsung_u700_u600The next cell phone comes with a brilliant QVGA display, HSDPA, 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, memory card and many other functions.

The major features of Samsung U700 are the following: sleek looks and high quality body construction, touch-sensitive keys beneath the display, up to 3.6 Mbits/sec download speed over UMTS + HSDPA, scroll navigation, camera with 3.2 megapixel resolution and autofocus, QVGA display, microSD memory cards, seamless synchronization with Outlook Express, and a good software for the PC.

Samsung U700 is complete with 3G capabilities. The phone is actually designed to have a slide opening measuring only 12.1 mm in depth which if you will notice is ultra slim for a phone with the same features with the Samsung U700. The phone’s hand set has an expandable memory option allowing the uses to expand their built in 20 Mbytes of memory further by adding a microSD TransFlash memory card. It has a large 2.2 inch screen which is capable of being viewed when the hand set is in its closed or opened position. The function of the colored screen is to provide a 262,000 colors on a screen with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. When the phone is closed, the screen allows the user to view all their information and menus.

The phone has a built-in camera having a 3 megapixel digital camera with some useful camera features. Anyone who owns Samsung U700 will have a clear capture and a colorful photo or video recording using the 3 megapixel camera. With the camera features, it allows you to edit and chance camera or video setting to suit their desired effect or results. It also has an integrated media player which allows the user to enjoy an easy to use music and video experience with quality sounds and supports formats which comprise MP3, MPEG4, AAC, WMA, WMDRM, H263 & Real formats.

The device is designed to have embedded games and individuals can add to their games by downloading more games on to the mobile phone. Samsung U700 can play ringtones in polyphonic sound with 64 voices of MP3 ringtones.

The video feature allows you to view the person you are talking to on other side of the line. The phone is equipped with HSDPA, allowing the user to enjoy download speeds of up to 3.6Mbps when in a suitable HSDPA coverage area. The 3G feature actually gives the user with a fast and efficient multi-tasking mobile phone.

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