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Video Shows Jackson’s Head Catching Fire

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on July 17, 2009

datalockerWhy was this video not shown before? Michael Jackson has indeed done so much for the world. He had put millions of smiles on people’s faces. He was just the only Michael Jackson in the world.

The horrible burning of his hair was not a pleasant thing that occurred in his life. It could probably one of the reasons why he got addicted to painkiller drugs.
The harrowing video shows Jackson dancing down stairs for the commercial completely unaware that his head is in flames.

The “King of Pop” was making a Pepsi advert at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on January 27, 1984 when the horrific accident took place, caused by fireworks that exploded too early.

Jackson suffered severe burns to his hair and scalp. “He was never the same after the accident,” Us Weekly said in a report accompanying the release of the video late Wednesday. The 50-year-old superstar died on June 25 from an apparent cardiac arrest.

Still images of the accident had been released but the video had never been shown publicly before. Contacted by AFP, Us Weekly refused to reveal how it obtained the copy.”As a policy we do not comment on how we acquire material,” said Cheryl Crowley, a spokesperson for the magazine.

Jackson, 25 and at the height of his “Thriller” fame when the video was shot, made the commercial with his brothers with thousands of fans in the audience. In the video, the first try appeared to go smoothly, with Jackson dancing down the steps in his signature moves, but the director ordered more takes.

It was the sixth take that went horribly wrong, the video showing Jackson facing the audience beneath a lighting rig when the fireworks exploded around him. He kept dancing and spinning, unaware that his hair and head were burning.
The flames went out when he twisted around as part of his routine. But others saw the accident and security guards rushed to the scene in a split second. His brother Jermaine turned to see Michael Jackson in trouble.

“Pepsi is being made a scapegoat here. It is grossly unfair for the media to blame this incident as the start of all his troubles,” said Coleman who managed the Pepsi-Michael Jackson relationship for 10 years. Jackson “never put a blame on Pepsi. Pepsi made a donation of over a million dollars to start a burns center in his name and they paid for all the medical expenses,” Coleman said.


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Lakers vs Magic game 4

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on June 12, 2009

The NBA Finals heats up as the battle between the lakers and Orlando Magic moves forward to Game 4. Again, the Lakers showed what they got in the finals by beating their opponent to 99-91 win. This time it was Derreck fisher who saved the Lakers by making the 3 points shots in the last few seconds of the game.

The Lakers can now win its 15th NBA crown in Florida this Sunday night in Game 5.Kobe Bryant scored 32 points, Trevor Ariza and Pau Gasol had 16 points and Fisher 12 for the Lakers. Meanwhile Dwight Howard looked like he left superman home by scoring only 16 points.

It’s never too soon to decide who is going to win for the final. It might be impossible for Orlando to win the three games to get the crown, but who knows, it might be the other way around.

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Rihanna Photos Leaked

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on May 9, 2009

rihaThe racy nude pictures allegedly showing the pop star Rihanna have been leaked on the Internet now.

There are six photos being showed up on various showbiz websites showing a woman who bares a striking resemblance to the ‘Umbrella’ singer. Only two of the photos display her partially concealed face. The others depict a naked woman’s backside, but her face is obscured.

A lot of websites are suggesting that the pictures may have been obviously leaked by her former boyfriend, R and B star Chris Brown.

Well, in one of the photos, Brown is pictured wearing a pair of pink ladies underpants on his head.Another photo depicts a woman who bares a strong similarity to Rihanna in a mirror reflection which has a message “I love you Robin. I miss you” scrawled across it. Robin is Rihanna’s actual first name.

The photos continue a controversial few months for the former couple after Brown was alleged to have assaulted the singer, resulting in felony charges that are still pending. We don’t have proof yet as to whether or not it is Rihanna on the picture. It could be that those photos are merely to malign the reputation the singer for whatever reasons. We can’t say that it’s Rihanna until she admits it herself.

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Brad Pitt Praises Angie at SAG Awards 2009

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on February 1, 2009

jerdonaThe stunning couple, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt attended the Screen Actors Guild of this year. The two wore their best attractive attire as they walked through the red carpet. They have been together attending in different award ceremonies for the previous years as a couple.

The two admired each other very much. “Brad taught me a great deal. He’s a wonderful man and a great father and the person I admire most in the world because I know who he is every minute of every day. I think he’s extraordinary”, says Angie. “Angie is an amazing woman and a fantastic mother. I don’t have enough good things to say about her.” says Brad.

They both love having lots of children. They are just a perfect combination. Brad’s movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is highly nominated for various awards including himself for best actor and Angelina as well for best female actor for her movie Changeling.

We just hope that they will stay happy and satisfied with one another.

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Tips on How to Get a Good Job in 2009

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on January 9, 2009

new_job_graphics_01As time goes by it becomes harder to get a really good job you like and you struggle in seeking the best job you wanted for a living. To help you with this dilemma, a group or recruiting experts have formulated some great ideas on how to land a satisfying job for the year 2009.

Here are the tips to a successful new year:

Exhaust All Options

You tell everyone that you are seeking for a job you want. Meet the possible employers for interview. Submit as many resumes to any work places you know. As you make your cover letter and resume, mention the value of your contributions to previous employers, including how you helped cut costs, reduce inefficiencies or improve profitability. There are opportunities available, but job seekers will have to work harder to find them and cannot afford to leave even one stone unturned.

Network With Smarts

Be efficient in building some network of like-minded individuals. Share your knowledge, help others be better, and invest time in building strong, long-lasting relationships. These are the relationships that could turn into future job leads. Be very active in your community and work closely to local leaders to have the probability of getting a job.

Flexibility Is Key

You should be adoptative to a new kind of work environment, the size of the company, or of the location of the office, and be aware that with the advent of technology, a new location just may be your home office. If you are flexible your chances of getting hired increased considerably.

Diversify and Listen

Make sure that you diversify in the way you communicate your previous work experiences and listen very attentively. First, make a laundry list, just for yourself, of all the projects, contributions, ideas, etc., from your last three positions. Second, listen closely to what the recruiter and/or hiring manager is asking you. They are looking for something very particular, whether the opportunity is leadership or entry-level. Walking someone through your resume or citing examples that they’re not seeking could hinder your ability to seem specific to their job. You want to be very clear about your transferable skills and your willingness to adapt to their environment.

Tailor Your Resume

Diversify what you write in your resume based on the roles that they are applying for. For job seekers to increase their chances at success, they should shape their resumes to reflect relevant matching skills with the job posting(s) they are applying to. By doing so, a human resource person will more easily understand how a job seeker’s past experiences apply to the posted role. This method increases the chance of being considered a strong candidate, receiving an interview, and, ultimately, a new position.

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Keeping One’s Self Wealthy

Posted by Data Locker - A Pot of Information on January 6, 2009

42-16219618 It takes discipline, hard work, and diligence in order to maintain a wealthy type of living. I have a read a credible article on the tips for growing wealthy which was highly recommended by the bankrate readers.

1. Grow Your Own Food

If you a plot in your backyard or anywhere near your place, you may utilize it by planting vegetables which you can cook for you food on the table. It is actually a healthy hobby plating with your kids because it is inexpensive and the children will learn basic skills in growing plants.

2. Set Limits and Stick to Them

Make it a point to save some money from the salary you receive. Identify the ones that are of priority to the family. Make an account on the previous expenses and cut the unnecessary purchases at present.

3. Buy Saving Bonds

Make sure that you save 10 percent from your earnings. Doing this on a regular basis will turn to accumulate a nice sum of savings.

4. Redirect Your Raises

If your salary gets adjusted put them right away in your bank account to make sure it’s safe and unspent.

5. Split Raises in Half

Each time your salary increases, you should split them to half. Half you keep, and the other you save it.

6. Track Spending

To help you control of your expenses you have to mindfully monitor your expenses.

7. Spend Less by Budgeting

Decide from tracking your expenses what you should cut.

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